Airline Travel – Flying is the Second Greatest Thrill Known to Man, Landing is the First

Tightened airport security and other plane related problems are making airline travel more difficult these days. To counteract that, here are some suggestions to make your journey more enjoyable.

* Distract yourself.During the flight, divert your attention with a good book, good conversation or the in-flight movie.

* Reach out and meet someone.Making contact with other people can help you feel less alone in the lonely world of travel.

* Remember to breathe. When you tense up, you tend to take short shallow breaths. Long slow breaths relax you.

* Flying is safer than driving. You have heard it before but its true. If you took one domestic plane ride a day, you could go on average more than 29,000 years before succumbing to a fatal accident.

* Take control. You may not be in control of your surroundings but you are in control of what you think. Concentrate on the positive.

* If it’s a long trip, think of how long it might take you to make the trip by car or bus. If it’s cross-country, that might take over a week… so a five to six hour plane ride doesn’t seem so bad when put in perspective.

* Everything in life is an adventure. So when you start out your trip, concentrate on what a great adventure you might have today, who you might meet, or how many airport stores you can shop at when your flight is delayed.

* Remember your sense of humor. Never leave home without it. A good laugh can help you rise above any situation.

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